Roy Handy


Flashback: 3am on the Westside..

Late nights and creative thoughts. When boredom strikes and the only thing you really can do to cure the insomnia is....produce. Produce greatness and construct memorable moments that no other mind can develop. THATS WHAT WE DID....sort of. Well, okay yea we did. This shoot was pretty deep.

Anywho...September 28, 2015, 2:13 am. I receive a phone call from a friend of mine, Jordin, and it's like one of those phone calls where someone calls you complaining about life and stuff, and all you can do is sit there and be like "oh yeeeaaa I understand, yea man true, yea I feel you"....Yea it was one of those type of nights. So as I sit on the phone, I start thinking to myself "This sad story is cool and all but uhhhhh...I got this camera, so what's good?" So randomly I tell her I'm coming to her house, mind you I live 35 minutes from her BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT PHOTO IS LIFE. She's like cool whatever come through. Of course I do, and magic happened with this cool little Canon of mine.

This was probably the riskiest shoot I've done. A shower/bathtub scene where at any given moment I could've dropped my camera and ended my whole career. It's that deep's that deep...but things came along pretty well, and luckily Jordin was really cool about the whole idea of the shoot. Here's some of the sorcery my camera came up with that morning.

Very fun moment in my photographic career. Many more to come hopefully, but if not? Then these shots will forever be here for you all to enjoy the gallery.