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BaeWorldWide Website Launch

"Celebrate the 'Bae' - the brightest star in the room. She is gentle, graceful, and sweet yet bold, confident, and strong-willed. She takes life head on without excuses and builds her own destiny. She doesn't conform to what the world tells her a woman should be like and instead, empowers others with her aura. 

Bae is about teaming up to create a safe space and a dynamic support system for women in all fields. Anybody who has an understanding of what it is to be a woman in a male-dominated industry and exudes confidence in herself is a Bae."


Let me start off by congratulating the homies on the website launch (@Mikkoh & @Ddecoteau, or @Bae_Worldwide on Instagram) It was a pleasure helping alongside some really talented women who are literally out here KILLING it in the music industry. It's great to see women empowering other women, especially growing up in such a hate filled world that we live in currently. I look at this as an avenue for many young women, even kids, to become inspired by and really take their dreams and make them reality.
Beautiful, just beautiful...gotta shed a tear real quick brb...

Oh yea, so I helped shoot the lookbook for the Bae hats WHICH ALL OF YOU SHOULD GO BUY BECAUSE IT'S LIT. The homie Paul (@PollyVisuals) & I collabed on this (Paul on vid, Young Roy on the pics). Alright enough talking, here's the cool part:


Always a blessing when you get to work with dope artists making major moves. Definitely will be more from us in the near future, but for now enjoy the gallery and check out their new site to join the movement, follow their updates for events, and buy a hat!


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