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Shooter Sessions: BTS 002

So, what is Base Butter you ask? And why is it that out of nowhere I started shooting beauty photography for a beauty brand? Well...Base Butter is a multipurpose all natural moisturizing beauty product catered to women. Honestly, being the photographer behind the "Base Butter Beauties", as we call them, has been a huge help for me. I think I've finally found a way to empower women in the easiest way possible. Each session I've had, meeting new faces and perspectives, all have been therapeutic not only for me but the subject as well.

But besides all that, I feel like if you support my craft and follow along with my work, then you should definitely support Base Butter. I'm starting these little mini campaigns monthly that can be found on my instagram @Old_Orleans as well as the Base Butter instagram @BaseButter.

For this particular shoot, we shot Taylor, a pretty awesome person I can proudly call a friend of mine. For July we also shot one of her closest friends as well, Morgan. Check out the photos of both of them.

So yea, there will be a lot more of this. It's just August bro. 4 more months in 2016 and I'm literally just getting started. Wait on it.


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