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Flowers & Fitness

Meet Jessica, one extremely cool fitness trainer that I had the pleasure of meeting along this journey we call life. (@jessica.danhon Instagram) So, crazy thing is we've been friends on Facebook for a while, but I never really knew who she was. One day she randomly messaged me just showing love toward my photo work, and BAM....yeeeaaaaahhh we set a photoshoot up and the rest was history fam...

Anywho...January 30, 2016. Buckhead Atlanta. We started off trying to shoot on the rooftop of LA Fitness...shoutout to security man, not in a good way at all. Ya'll WEAK af.....anyways. Yea, so we left and randomly I ran across this staircase in front of Dick's Sporting Goods (a gift and a curse because half of my shots have the word "dick's" in it....awkward), but whatever, we madaaaaaade MAGIC! We walked around Buckhead a little more, and found these walls by Phipps Plaza as well which we almost got caught by security once again. Basically this whole day was really great, and Jessica was awesome.

Peep the awesomeness that was captured:

I forgot to mention! She's a part of the Children of Flowers series as well :)
And of course we shall shoot many more sessions, but for now enjoy the gallery bro.