Roy Handy


Shooting @ Justin's Crib


So, about a few months ago, my best friend moved into a new apartment, and things have been getting pretty heavy over there man. Home decor game on 1000, seriously. It's funny because anytime we're at his place chilling, and someone new comes over, they always seem to compliment how clean it is, or how it looks like a girl lives here. Heavy....

Anywho, January 3, 2016, I went over to Justin's crib to hang and watch football, but of course I had my camera. He was telling me how he had just copped the Oxford Tan Yeezy 350 Boost joints, so he wanted to do a little shoot with them. Of course I was down man, but he wanted to put a spin on things. Now we all know everyone takes the typical lifestyle photos of sneakers either in action, on foot, in public, etc....BUT.....he said to me..."These shoes are made for comfort, my home comfortable, so why don't we just shoot them here with a few props that I have lying around? I mean I've never seen it done before"......jackpot.

We gathered a few items he had in his home, like a copy of Kim Kardashian's photo book (for some reason he has two copies DON'T ASK NO QUESTIONS FAM) and the infamous Young Thug painting, done by a good friend of ours Markeidric (@Markeidric on instagram, go check out his amazing work man he's really great). 

Here's some shots we got out of the whole experience:

Overall, the day was pretty awesome. Great photos with a great friend of mine with some great home decor and some great shoes with a great Young Thug painting....great :)
Hopefully you all are lucky enough to stop by his place someday and hang out with him, check out some artwork, and chat for a while, but until then, enjoy the gallery.