Roy Handy


Koko @ The Factory

First things first, one time for the lady trying to profile me for no reason, harassing me with a million questions. All good, you just salty because you couldn't stop this WAAAAAAVE!

Anywho...March 23, 2016. Meet Koko (@Kokohana_ on Instagram). Met her through another friend I did a shoot with a while ago. Exchanged a couple words about shooting for a while, but we finally got around to getting something done. Shoutout to the pollen for killing my nasal passage throughout the shoot. I thank you very much...........very......very..........much..............hope ya die pollen, sincerely, roy da boi.

So anyways, we met at this dope factory loft spot. Kinda like a grunge-ish garden with some nice sunlight flowing through. We ran through a couple looks, a couple cigs, and found this grocery cart from Murder Kroger.....Murrrrrdddaaaaaaaaa....nevermind. But yea man, the shoot was pretty dope. Peep the magic:

Preeeeetty dope right? Be sure to follow her on Instagram man. Many more shoots to come, but for now enjoy the gallery.