Roy Handy


BTS Session #007

Listen...I have a great variety of friends. Tall, short, small, big, strange, creepy, cool, etc. I've done multiple shoots with multiple people, and we've had some very "different" experiences...This time? Very different...

Anywho, December 3, 2017. This is Alexis you guys. Say hello to Alexis you guys. :)
Alexis happens to be one of the weirdest people I know. When I say weird.....bruh.....BRUH.....but I appreciate her very awkward antics. You ever had that friend.....that ONE friend....that literally has the brightest spirit in the worst of times? That always smiles for no reason, that constantly says weird things? Consistently makes weird eye contact with people while you two eat tacos in the middle of Atlanta on Taco Tuesday?
Yep, that's Alexis.

Alright, so this was our first photoshoot together, and she had no clue as to what she should do, how she should pose, what she should wear, how she should do her hair. AND THAT'S I literally had to make her laugh through the whole time, and the photos came out magnificent....ay yo magnificent is a cool word bruh....say it, Magnificent....sounds reeeeal nice huh.....Magnificent....indeed.



Magnificent right? Magnificent.....Yeeeeeaaaa......I'll see y'all later....I think....yea..