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Rose Father: A Further Look Into The Children of Flowers

Every experience I've encountered in life has basically been summed up into my creative outlet of photography & videography, giving birth to the Children of Flowers series. For those who aren't up to speed, the Children of Flowers is a series of photographs of different individuals who have impacted/are impacting my life in some sort of way, form, or fashion. It all started when I was younger actually. I'd always love flowers as a child. I always drew flowers, and from time to time I'd pick roses from the rose bush in the front of the house I grew up in in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans. Every Valentine's Day & Mother's Day, I'd pick her roses, draw her roses, anything...and now as an adult I realize that she loved those things. Even though the roses would die quick, she always kept them in her bible. As I grew older, I continued this tradition, and roses started to grow through my artistry. I painted roses, sketched roses, photographed roses...hell I even illustrated digital roses for her. It was a symbol of my love for her. She was my personal rose, and now she's my personal angel watching over me. I still buy her roses for her birthday, even though I can't physically give them to her, but I know she's watching down from a cloud in the sky knowing that if only I had the chance to hand her a dozen red roses, I would...Angelic appreciation I guess.

But, I gained a better understanding and admiration for the flower itself. I began this journey of taking photos and writing poetry about roses. I even had a collection of poetry that I haven't let anyone read called Photosentences (mocking Photosynthesis which is a process that allow the growth of plants). It gets pretty deep man... preeeeeeetty deep. I started relating roses to the growth of women and the female anatomy. Through history, Georgia O'Keeffe was a huge influence on my artistry due to the fact that there was controversy of her work roses and other flower paintings portraying the female reproductive organs (vagina for those who just read that and made the "bruh what?" face).
So let me explain a little...a rose, as a woman, starts small as a bud, or baby, then grows delicately with it's own personality & characteristics. Through its lifespan, no matter how it is treated or cared for, it grows with its own sense of beauty, and even as it withers away with age it still holds grace and elegance upon its final hours of life, just as women do. So I began painting roses in that perspective of representing women.

An expansion to all of this is the Dozen Rose Theory project I started 2 years ago. Basically to sum everything up, I got 12 roses tattooed on my left arm. I'm guessing by now as you read along you understand why I decided to do that.

In addition to all this madness, I buy my girlfriend a dozen roses each month as a symbol of love and affection. Sometimes I buy 24 a month, so imagine getting 144 roses a year...that's DEEP.

Through all of this, I felt like my friends are really helping me build this project into something really serious, so why not add myself to the collection?

Yeeeeaaaa that was fun :)

I just want to thank all my friends who've participated in the project thus far. Hopefully everyone's gained a better understanding of the project. I'd love to shoot more people for it, so if you're interested, or even if you have friends who would be interested, spread the story & contact me here. I'm looking forward to the feedback & growth of this project. Love to all my kings & queens.

Stay blessed lovely people.


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