Roy Handy


Ash & The Perfect EP


It's very rare that you come across a room full of talented artist that all reciprocate the greatest creative energy ever felt, so this experience meant a lot to me personally (and lowkey I wasn't even supposed to be here. LOOK AT GOD). One time for my boy Zay (@wildsoulart on Instagram) for hooking me with the opportunity to witness these amazing individuals.

Anywho...January 6, 2015. Meet Ash, an Atlanta indie artist (@iamjustash on Instagram). Non-debatebly one of the most beautifully-spirited music artist that my ears have been honored to be blessed by. Just sayin' man, you should've been there....but yea man, so my homie Zay hit me up the night before her in studio performance. He texted me asking if I'd be free in the morning, if so then bring my camera through to her show to help him film. I was cool until he said "be there at 9" my head I'm like BRUUUUUHHHHHH.....but whatever I was late anyway. 

So I get there, and as soon as I walk in I hear this angelic voice. Jaw dropped no lie. Everything was perfect (now I'm beginning to understand why she called her EP The Perfect EP). From her singing, to the musicians (@tbrownkool & @nickrosenkeys on keys as well as @charleslamont on drums) and the vibe from the audience. Everything was just in sync....well it was like a slight sound issue but who cares about all that. They could've been in silence for 2 hours and still sounded perfect I CAN'T MAKE THIS UP.

But in all seriousness, here are some photos from the experience:

This was a glorious occasion. I definitely look forward to what Ash has in store as an artist. Check out The Perfect EP on iTunes. I promise you it's worth it. Hopefully she has another show that I can attend, and hopefully you can attend as well, but for now enjoy the gallery.