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BTS Session #010

Alright so you might be wondering why I jumped from BTS Session 007 to 010. Yea idk. Not even really sure. Maybe I was a bit eager to post this, but whateeeeev brehhh. I'll post the others at another point. But Anywho.... This won't be my typical spill of randomness. This may actually have some substance to it. I've been plotting and planning this shoot for some months. From buying new equipment to finding the right model to spontaneous eBay purchases for props....ayo shout out to eBay one time for the brazy delivery speed. I luhh yall...Alright seriously. I appreciate everything that went into this little project of mine. One person in particular. Kiralfy (@k.ralfy on Instagram). Now I've obviously done shoots with Ralf before, but I'm not sure what she ate for breakfast this day or what was in her water, but she snapped. Like unbelievably snapped. Not to say I doubter her talents, but bruh damn....And I always preach to people to invest in quality assets for your work. Her makeup artistry is an investment that I have to make. It's a want and a need at this point in my career, and I promise, as always, if I gain some type of platform or opportunity to shoot at a larger scale? She's coming with me. That's my word.

So basically this is a little post of acknowledgment to Ralf :)

oh yea, say hi to A'pril while you're at it.:

Oh and for the people that read these blog posts weekly? I appreciate you, trying to stay consistent with this on a weekly basis, but more magic will be made in the new year, trust me.


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